Simulator Models and Data Packages

One of the many Full Motion Simulators for which KSR Provided ModelsKSR is known worldwide as a source of flight test data packages, aerodynamic, propulsion, flight controls and ground reaction models for simulators. The models areĀ both predictive and flight-test-based. The flight test packages include design and verification data. Models and data packages for certain aircraft are currently available through a license. Other models and data packages can be generated on a contract basis.

Simulators vary in degree of sophistication. KSR models and data packages match the sophistication of the training device (e.g. Flight Training Devices, Full Flight Simulators) and meet the applicable acceptance standard.

KSR, an FAA-approved independent data source, provided data for the world’s first Phase II (now Level C) business jet simulator. Training simulators require specific flight test data for acceptance. By recording test guide and other KSR designated maneuvers, KSR obtains a set of precise and coherent data from which it generates both the Qualification Test Guide data and a simulator model of the aircraft aerodynamics, propulsion, flight controls, noise and ground effects. This self-consistent set of data facilitates the comparison of the simulator and flight test results. It also reduces the development time by giving the manufacturer a higher quality foundation on which to build the simulator.

KSR has participated in a number of industry and regulatory agency conferences and working groups, including the March and June 2001 working sessions hosted by the FAA’s National Simulator Program (NSP) and JAA (Joint Aviation Authorities) Synthetic Training Devices Advisory Board and aimed at modernizing the flight simulator standards contained in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) document, Manual of Criteria for the Qualification of Flight Simulators (MCQFS).