Reduced Vertical Separation Minima Certification Services

Kohlman Systems Research (KSR) provides complete flight test, instrumentation, data analysis and reporting capability to gain RVSM airworthiness approval.

Flight Test Support, Data Processing, Analysis and Reporting
KSR provides flight test support, including developing the flight test plan (FTP), coordinating the FTP approval with the FAA ACO, providing a flight test engineer to operate the flight test instrumentation and monitor the flight test. After the flight test is complete KSR provides the data processing, analysis and reports required to gain FAA RVSM approval.

RVSM Test ModuleRVSM Test Instrumentation
The KSR RVSM Test Module includes five pressure transducers and displays. It accepts aircraft 115 VAC power and provides an RS232 output for computer data recording for subsequent data analysis. The five transducers interface with the KSR trailing static cone (described below) and the aircraft pitot and static pressure sources. The RVSM Test Module has been designed for easy installation and operation. A laptop computer is installed for interface with the RS232 bus for data collection and data storage.

Trailing Static Cone
The KSR static cone system provides a convenient means of calibrating the static source error of the pitot-static system by providing an accurate measurement of the ambient atmospheric pressure. The system consists of a cone that is trailed at least one fuselage length behind the aircraft. Static pressure is measured well forward of the cone by flush static ports on the line. The cone stabilizes and aligns the ports relative to the free stream flow. Aircraft with Trailing Static ConeThe cone is connected to the aircraft by a steel cable inside the pneumatic pressure line. This simple design eliminates the cost and complexity of retraction mechanisms and can be used on a variety of aircraft that cannot accommodate other, more complex systems.

RVSM Test Module Specifications

Power: 115 VAC 47-440 Hz
Pressure Range (Pitot): 0 to 23 PSI
Pressure Range (Static): 0 to 15 PSI
Accuracy: .01% of full scale
Dimensions: 7″H x 19″W x 12″D
Weight: approximately 20 lb
Trailing Static Cone: length of static line determined by size of aircraft