Company History

Kohlman Systems Research, Inc. (KSR) was established in 1982 to meet the need for a consistent source of high quality flight test data for a new generation of business jet aircraft simulators being developed at that time, and in fact provided the data package for the world’s first Phase II (now Level C) business jet simulator. KSR has built on this initial expertise to become recognized as a worldwide leader in providing high quality, FAA-approved Simulator Models and Data Packages, using state-of-the-art Flight Test Techniques, Test Instrumentation and Data Analysis Software. KSR stays current with and provides input to regulatory requirements by participating in industry and regulatory agency conferences and working groups.

KSR can provide its customized flight test, flight test instrumentation and data analysis software and hardware and engineering support services on site, anywhere in the world to support Simulator flight test, Aircraft Certification and other specialized (icing, R&D and accident investigation) flight test programs for both new and modified aircraft. KSR has provided a range of flight test services, flight test data acquisition and analysis, instrumentation, simulator models, and aeronautical engineering services for 55 fixed wing and 9 rotory wing aircraft ranging from a Cessna 182RG to a Lockheed C-5B.

KSR Aircraft IllustrationTo meet these challenges, KSR has developed a modular digital data acquisition system that is rugged and easy to install and operate which along with our specialized flight test data analysis software and hardware provides a rapid turnaround of data both at home and remote sites. KSR engineers and support personnel are flight test experts and instrumentation specification, test management, data acquisition and analysis and quality report production are second nature to our personnel.

KSR flight test services are available as needed, from specific test support to complete project management, from instrumentation components to complete systems, and from tailored unique data analysis to complete program analysis and reporting. Customers can select the KSR engineering support, software and hardware services to fit their specific data requirements, their budget and the level of control they require in the collection and analysis of the data.